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The concept is simple: children who remember having an imaginary friend are more likely to be creative as an adult. Built upon exhaustive research, iff (pronounced EYE-EFF-EFF or IF) preserves the legacy of imaginary phenomena. By crafting a physical personification of a child's imaginary friend, creativity is strengthened and imagination is validated!
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects (for logo, packaging, web and demo), traditional sewing (for the prototype)
A child's iff arrives in a neutral box with a window so that the iff doesn't feel confined. Different box linings are used to complement unique color schemes.
Upon freeing the iff, child and parent will also find a double-sided instruction sheet. One side displays instructions for the parent (research and data) and one side contains simpler instructions for kids.
To demonstrate the iff experience, I created a prototype of Slunker, my own childhood imaginary friend. A crash course in sewing was required!


For the superman-themed ad, I digitally painted a costume sleeve onto a stock image of a body builder's arm. I took my own photo of tongs in an angle appropriate to the arm/hand position, and added crystals (which were manipulated to appear green and glowing). For the 2nd "Dracula" ad, pre-existing images of a proper resolution could not be obtained, so I photographed a fake rubber arm in a shirt and jacket. Minor adjustments were made (mainly desaturation) but the clammy, dead appearance of the rubber was a happy coincidence. I took additional photos of the tongs and chained cross, and incorporated the images into the composition, along with pre-existing images of the stake, garlic, and ring. Click here to view complete workflow documentation.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

SOA Senior Show

This project was based on surveys with students and non-students across the GMU campus and careful inspection of the campus layout and existing signage. Following this research, a creative brief was prepared that identified navigation problems. The overall package includes event branding and navigation tools. The above poster showcases the many tools used by students from the seven disciples of study within the School of Art. All tool were photographed individually and composited together, using a desk texture similar to desks found within the school. The Innovate message is a simplification of the university's tagline. An SOA logo, unique to this event, was created for use throughout the package.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, After Effects

GMU Campus and SOA Interior Maps

Research revealed navigation problems, including diminished visibility and inaccuracies on existing signage. Most students and visitors, accustomed to the campus, relied on landmark navigation, i.e. "Turn left by the building with the antenna." This functionality was incorporated into both maps.


Additionally, the research confirmed the importance (and preference) of human-driven assistance. LED badges were designed for volunteers to assist visitors during the main event reception, illuminated for the event's nightly hours. Every badge contained a location-specific QR code on its reverse, to allow volunteers to quickly sync a visitor's app to their correct location.


In addition to providing interactive navigation tools, the app would present information on the students involved and their work. While GPS navigation is available, the app includes an ability to location sync with volunteer badges, in case users prefer not to use location-tracking.

National Space Society

For the National Space Society, I wanted the website to evoke the excitement and bold magnificence of space. I feel fortunate enough to have seen a band of the Milky Way on one incredibly clear night in the Middle East. This experience, and humankind's most powerful hopes for our future, shaped my redesign. I combined several images to create a background of the Milky Way seen from Earth's horizon. I created curved, detailed edges from the existing NSS logo and incorporated these throughout panels and menus. For the redesign, I created four functional pages to showcase the design. Click the images to take a look at the live website. Additionally, you may view wireframes and mood boards utilized in production.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, jQuery plug-ins
I created a Resources portal (above) to preserve the wealth of information accumulated by the NSS, an integral component to their audience of scholars, teachers and students. Organization was enhanced with vivid imagery. Categories within Resources are given landing pages, such as the one below for Research.
Finally, I used a parallax plug-in to utilize another, very obvious component of the NSS: space is fun. For the about page, the parallax allows visitors to scroll through the solar system and explore the important mission and vision statements of the NSS.

Project Blue Book: Unknown

Derived entirely from the real Project Blue Book microfilms, this poster-sized infographic (24 x 36 inches) explores the exponential relationship between credible witnesses and UFO sightings classified as Unknown. This is the story of Project Blue Book, from its initial conceptualization to its controversial termination and dismissal of the Unknown classification. The 12 unique Unknown models (based on credible sightings), along with the poster's title and Observer Worksheet details, were recreated in Adobe Illustrator. Select PBB documentation was condensed and recreated in Photoshop. Additional censoring was added to portray the enigmatic and overall deterioration of the government records. Click here to explore a large format PDF of the poster.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign


Rock Run Grill

For Rock Run Grill, a logomark was created as part of a collaborative effort with two other designers, drawing inspiration from rustic farmland imagery. Our vision (and the basis for all of the menu designs to follow) was an establishment that not only serves high quality food from local farms, but also provides a welcome environment for that very community. While the logomark was a team effort, the menu designs were created independently.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Traditional woodcutting tools

Main Menu (with wooden holder)

A wooden holder was crafted, based on the coloring and aesthetics of my grandpa's barn. Wood was stained gray. Hinges were rusted. A simplified version of the logomark was carved and treated with an enamel wash for rust coloring. The holder was built to accommodate interchangeable printed inserts.
Close-up of wood carving
The main menu design, along with other collateral, was designed with minimal typographic and graphical elements to increase white space. A custom decorative border was created in Adobe Illustrator to increase cohesion with the delicate wheat flourishes found within the logomark. A subtle R shape was included that reads as a G when inverted.
Starters and Soups & Salads is inserted on the left side of the wooden holder.
Two alternate pages were designed for the right side of the holder. One features Entrees while the other presents the Brunch menu. These pages are easily swapped out on a daily basis. All primary Rock Run Grill menus are printed on a feltweave, soft white paper.

Daily Special Centerpiece

This wooden centerpiece display was created, using a process similar to the menu holder (stain, wood carving, and rust detailing). Sturdy, rust-colored metal wires were incorporated to hold a specialty menu. When the Du Jour insert (which includes the logotext only) is placed within the wire, an abstract impression of the logomark is formed.

Kid's Menu

In addition to kid-friendly menu descriptions, this kid's menu includes custom fun and games. Free range chickens, running amuck within the restaurant, require help to find their way back outside. An imagination corner uses chigs and pickens to inspire children to draw their own wacky creations. The maze shape was created in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrations were created traditionally.

Recycling Social Change Campaign

To promote positive change in recycling habits on the George Mason University campus, this campaign focused on using wit to target a universal audience. Minimizing and eliminating cost were also utilized throughout. Fliers were intentionally non-designed (using sharpies, photocopiers, MS Word Templates, etc.) to be pinned on bulletin boards (precision should be avoided) and handed out by volunteers. Volunteers should be instructed to dress officially (i.e. black suit, black tie) and when speaking, be very serious.

Missing Website

All fliers and collateral include a call-to-action to the following website: www.petzrick.com/recycle. This responsive website lends credibility to the fliers and other collateral. It also features the Big Reward, showcasing some of the lesser-known benefits we may realize upon successful adoption of responsible recycling habits.


Missing stickers were created for placement on aluminum cans (styled after missing photos on milk cartons). While it is not feasible to place stickers on commercial goods in private retail locations, they may be placed on refreshments for volunteers and may also be given out to faculty, to encourage recycling awareness for school social/academic events.

Dumpster Danger

Also for volunteer events, a miniature Dumpster Danger pamphlet was created that targets non-human recyclable products as its audience. Human beings may infer meaning indirectly. Volunteers may keep these as souvenirs and should be given a limited supply when handing out fliers, for especially interested students on campus.
Sample Spreads

Recycling PSA

Finally, a recycling PSA was produced for this campaign. The PSA combines ideas used throughout the above collateral and demonstrates the wit and tone of the campaign's message. The theme from Unsolved Mysteries has been used for educational purposes only.

Car washing ALgorithmic computer

CAL is a customer interface, fused with semi-artificial intelligence. Designed for easy installation at existing automatic exterior rollover car washes, CAL eases human interaction, for both customers and technicians. The days of punching in a receipt code are gone, thanks to CAL's convenient (and hidden) scanner.
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, HTML, CSS
CAL's internal mechanism (for guidance and information) enhances the experience within the wash bay. The multipurpose laser determines a car's distance so that CAL can assist with positioning. Current cycle information is projected on the vehicle's windshield. During maintenance mode, CAL spins in circles, lighting up the bay in cautionary red. The multipurpose laser will detect a vehicle and initiate a full alert if necessary to protect human technicians.
For complete demonstration, a fully-functional prototype was built, allowing users to operate CAL in any manner they choose. The video above shows one possible sequence from the prototype. Johann Strauss II's Blue Danube Waltz has been included for your enjoyment of this non-commercial project.
After Effects

Camp Raven Knob

For this show package, I came up with an idea for a TV show based on a summer camp I went to when I was twelve. The real Camp Raven Knob has the dubious distinction of cementing my lifelong phobia of snakes, so I decided that the show collateral needed to evoke complete horror. For the opening credits above, I used a combination of animation and practical effects to suggest that a million snakes lurk below the surface of a desolate cabin. A single remote-control snake was filmed, digitally adjusted, and then replicated. The music, used here for education purposes, is from Michael Kamen's unused score to the movie Lifeforce.
Remote-control snake, Adobe Illustrator, and After Effects

Lower Third

This lower third is for shows leading up to Camp Raven Knob. The video includes the lower third on a blank background and then an example of its application.


Unlike the opening credits, the motion in this commercial break bumper is subtle, to make use of the short 5 second presentation.


This framing template allows for inclusion of each episode's end credits, a preview of next week's episode (or other promotion), and placement of relevant text. The video includes a blank template and an example of its application. A clip from Species has been included for demonstration.